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The New York State Council on Adolescent Pregnancy, Inc. (NYSCAP) was incorporated in 1985, and has provided leadership in teen pregnancy prevention since its inception.


The mission of NYSCAP is to promote healthy adolescent development and well-being, reduce the incidence of adolescent pregnancy and increase the capacity of pregnant and/or parenting youth to become productive members of society. We do this through public awareness, education, promotion of research and supporting of the efforts of individuals and organizations working on behalf of youth.


The vision is that all students (preK-12) receive quality CSE in order to make safe and healthy decisions about their lives, bodies, relationships and well-being.


The Council’s philosophical foundation is a belief that all youth are entitled to certain rights and a range of conditions and opportunities which will enable them to grow up in the healthiest possible way into thoughtful, caring, self-sufficient adults.

All children in this society should develop with dignity, with the security of family and other adult supports.  They should be protected from exploitation, harassment or abuse. All children should be unburdened by the devastating effects of poverty, racism, sexism, and classism. 

We must:

  • guarantee all young people adequate food, clothing and shelter;

  • provide youth with a strong basic education, which prepares them for the realities of life and participation in the labor force, employment skills, work experience, and career development;

  • ensure youth accessible, comprehensive health services;

  • provide youth with constructive leisure time and recreational opportunities, which help develop self-esteem, social skills, and leadership.


The Council strongly believes that adolescents should postpone sexual activity and childbearing until these events can be handled responsibly. Adults can help them do so by providing the kind of supportive environment that offers a range of positive alternatives and equips youth to make responsible life decisions. At the same time, we have an obligation to help those youth who do become parents at an early age to continue to grow toward self-sufficiency and to provide the best possible care to their children. These youth often need financial assistance, continued education and training, day care services, parenting training, counseling and a range of other specialized supports. Clearly, no one agency or institution can address all these critical needs.


Members of NYSCAP represent a diversity of approaches and methodologies that foster a strength-based continuum of comprehensive services and supports throughout all stages and phases of youth development.

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